Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WIAW #25 - I Have No Title Edition

My schedule finally worked out so I could make it to the WIAW party! How exciting! It has been a month since my last What I Ate Wednesday party! What a bummer; but I'm back and ready to rock!

So let’s get onto my eats and the good habits I'm falling into! 

Pre-breakfast/workout snack: 
Applesauce not pictured. I totally forgot I was supposed to be taking pictures today…opps.

Good habit:
Ran on the tread this morning! Red face!!
 Working out! This is something I have been writing about on this blog for months and I’m finally making it a point this fall to get to it! I’ll have a blog post about that later this week.

Also do you like my picture pose? I know some guys, named Dave and Adam that used to play In The Groove and Dance Central and they would take pictures of and with their finishing score and sometimes doing the peace sign, so I thought "hey why not try it myself?"  I think it's golden!


Scrambled eggs (1 egg and one egg white), onion, seasoning salt, garlic powder, red pepper flakes, and mozzarella cheese & zucchini bran bread that my mom made with some butter.

Good Habit: 
Riding the bus. I said in my last post one of the habits I wanted to fall into was riding the bus more often than driving to work. I rode the bus today and yesterday, so far so good!


Carrots sticks, cottage cheese and an apple. I just had to grab things and go so I could catch the bus in time. Kinda a random lunch but it tasted good, and I felt like it was fairly healthy.


Planters Nutrition bar. I don’t really like nuts, but these bars are pretty good. This was their heart healthy kind, which has cranberries and almonds in it. Perfect for me since I have problems with my LDL cholesterol.
No photos because I forgot to bring my phone on my break, but I’ll link you to some recipes to make up for it. Note: I did not make these, so I'm linking to recipe I followed that others made. I had more carrot sticks, a piece of my homemade beer bread and vegan beer chili.
Honey Beer Bread Recipe (
Vegan Beer Chili Recipe ( It's half way through the post.
The bread bread I love.  To me it's tastes a little salty.  Mike says he can really taste the beer and my sister says she can really taste the butter.  My love for bread and salt makes this delicious.  It also is great for dipping into the Vegan Beer Chili! The chili was pretty good, but I think, for me, it needs some cheese on it or something.

Good Habit:
My last good habit to work on this fall is to eat healthier.  For this edition of the habit it means eating out less (and when I do making good choices) and cooking more at home, with more veggies and exercising portion control.

Well that's all folks!  See you next week and keep falling into good habits and eating your veggies! Oh and don't forget to stop by Jen's party!  You know she's bound to have some of the Boxties (1, 2) she's been posting about!


  1. What do you do with the second egg's yolk?

  2. I'm actually kinda really jealous of your lunch. And I'm forgoing animal products for October, so I'll probably have some wicked cottage cheese cravings!

    Also, I usu give extra yolks to my dog. Not that anyone asked me.