I have a lot of interest in many things. I like photography, health, dancing, exercising and being busy. I LOVE summer, music, Ludington MI, food, Zumba, and spending time friends and family.  For more on me, read my first blog post which describes how and why I got interested in living a health lifestyle.

The Blog
This blog is about living to be 100 years old and my journey to reach that goal.  I want to see the world and all the changes it will go through over the course of 100 years.  Not only that but I want to be a good 100, not a vegetable-in-a-hospital-bed 100.  That being said, I'm trying to live a healthy life now, because I believe eating right and exercising are the keys to living a long life.  As I am learning more, trying new foods, exercising and living life, I'll share my insights and experiences on this blog.

I am not a health professional. I have had no training in the health profession. I simply have an interest in health and am sharing my journey to be healthy. Please consult your physician and/or dietitian before starting any exercise and/or diet program.

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