Wednesday, July 25, 2012

WIAW #23 - Determination & Happy 1 yr!

So I just realized that July 7th was this blog's 1 year anniversary! Happy anniversary to me for blogging for one whole year!! Which also means I'm one year closer to my goal of living to be 100! Woot Woot! If you'd like to see where I was at one year ago, here are my first and second posts on this blog! Enjoy :)

Now it is also Wednesday and it is my determination week, as in I'm determined to get my health back on track! So today is my determination week WIAW.  I think I made some pretty good decisions.  Let's see what they are!

This weeks WIAW is brought to you by Jenn and photos by my Instagram..again. I'm loving that ap!


Malt-O-Meal Honey & Oat Blenders w/ Almonds with Lactose Free Milk and Meijer Orange Peach Mango Juice.  Probably not the healthiest breakfast, but I love my cereal in the morning. (Also as an fyi, I'm not lactose intolerant, but my sister, who I live with, is so we usually have that or soy milk).

Green tea with pomegranate by Bigelow in my awesome mug.
My favorite trail mix that my friend Hillary got me hooked on. You can get it at Target. You should buy it. Right now. And I'll just go ahead and say your welcome.

Birthplace - along with this photo is a recipe to make this yourself.
I forgot to photograph it, but this photo above is what I had for lunch.  Why breakfast food? I woke up late and this was easy to grab and run out the door with. I also had blueberries and some cucumber.  All in all a much better lunch to grab on a running late day than hitting up some take out or fast food. Fitness: I went for a walk on my break and also walked over the the farmers market on campus equaling 15 minutes of walking.


Mike and I were busy checking out a couple more places for a reception for our wedding. It's starting to feel a lot more real, now that we are starting to plan. Pretty crazy! I'm getting really excited!!!  .....what were we talking about? Oh yeah my dinner/snack....I get distracted when talking about my wedding :)  Anywho, I picked up a sandwhich for him from a local deli before meeting him at the first place and I knew I was going to be hungry before we got done at both, so I thought I should pick myself up something.

So I got roasted red pepper hummus and pretzel chips. I used to not like hummus but I'm starting to really like this red pepper kind.  By time Mike and I got done looking at the places and discussing what we thought and doing a little bit more research, it was after 8pm and I had to get home to water my mom's plot at the community garden (Mom and Dad are vaca-ing) and I still needed to get a run in, plus write up this post! Important stuff.  And what about dinner?

By time I got the garden watered and got some gas, it was closing in on dust. I quick changed for running and had
Nutella! This is the first jar I have ever bought. I just had my first taste of Nutella like a month ago, but it is soo delicious! Fitness: Ran 2 miles in extreme heat. At 11pm it's still in the 90s with high humidity. I felt like I was melting on this run, like wicked witch-of-the-west-in-water melting.  So when I got home I had
to hydrate me. I wasn't really hungry, so I what I orginaly thought we my snacks, hummus and Nutella, became my dinner.  I just had another slice of bread with Nutella though.  So delicious :)

All in all a good day for fitness and food.  According to MyFitnessPal, I still have 486 calories left! What a great WIAW for my determination week!!  Also a great day to party with the great people from What I Ate Wednesday. Make sure to link up and check it out!!

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