Monday, July 23, 2012

The Disappointing News

So now the disappointing news I teased a few days ago.  I'm sure you all have been holding your breath waiting for me to share. HaHa.


Let me start by saying for those who might not know, a few years ago I started running to lose weigh and ended up losing 20 lbs before it was all said and done.  [Read a full post.]

I mentioned a few weeks back that my pants were getting tight and I'm pretty sure that I had gained weight.  Last week I bought a scale, because I wanted to know just how much weigh I have gained.  Remember that 20 lbs?  It's baaacckkk! Mostly.  It just makes me sick.  After all the work I did, I have gained almost all of it back.  I'm really disappointed in myself.

Please excuse my Christmas feet were cold.

What caused me to gain the weight back?  A few things which all equal that I did not make the lifestyle change that I wanted to make.

[ONE] Firstly and probably most importantly, I stopped working out regularly.  When I lost the weight I was running two miles, three times a week.  Lately I have been doing Zumba, once a week.  Not enough to keep the weight off. 
[TWO] Secondly, I stopped paying attention to what I'm eating.  I posted a few days ago about my recent use of to track my calories and my shock at how many calories I have been eating.  I also have recently learned that the amount of food I'm eating is too much.  For example, recently I have been bringing less for lunch and as I leave for work I will think that it will not be enough food to keep me full, but then it magically will. Obviously I don't need as much food.
[Three]  Eating out.  I have been doing an insane amount of eating out.  At least the last couple weeks, I have been trying to just eat half of whatever I get, but still the calories are outrageous, not too mention the sodium and sugar, etc. etc.  The calories in restaurant food are out of this least from the menus I could fine online that is what I have found.

My fiancee Mike has started P90X in order to lose some weight and get in shape, partially for our wedding and partially just because he wants to get healthy. (And he started a blog about it!!)  It's my turn to start my own plan to get my weight and my health back in order.

Fitness option on Dance Central 2 for a little cardio today
[The Plan]  Exercise - I'm hoping to do Cardio Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Strength Training Tuesday and Thursday.  At some point I need some core/ab workouts in there, possibly Tuesday and Thursday. Saturday I'm hoping to do a little something extra, something active, but more of a fun active, like going on a hike or going rock climbing.  Something like that.   Food - count calories for a while, but also focus on eating good foods.  For example eating 100 calories in chips vs. 100 calories in fruit.  I need to make sure to pick the better option. It's not just about the calories. It's also about the nutritional value.

It's bout to get real, people!


  1. You do have to switch it up, otherwise your muscles remember, and you'll then again be wasting time. I miss working out too.

    1. Yes, I also need to work on switching up my exercises!