Wednesday, July 18, 2012

WIAW #22 - Food & Fitness

It's Wednesday! So that means work, farmers market, fitness classes, and

Let's get to the eats! Which are brought to you today Instagram, because I just got that app and LOVE IT!!

Plain greek yogurt with cherry jelly and Love Crunch dark chocolate and red berries granola, whole wheat bagel with peanut butter and a tiny bit of honey, orange juice.  Two days ago Mike started P90x. I came over at the half way point and did the last half hour with him.  Today I am still sore, so I thought I had better up my protein since I had fitness classes later today, thus the greek yogurt and peanut butter.

Snack and Farmers Market:

Green tea as soon as I got to work to wake me up, in my cool mug my co-worker bought for me.  Sadly this is a true statement for me. I just couldn't resist the sunflowers at the farmers market.  I also got a cucumber, some corn on the cob and some beef jerky.

I forgot to photograph this...
Chicken flavored brown rice, homemade pasta salad, and carrot sticks. 

Please see breakfast where I state I'm still sore form Monday. 
Okay now read about my fitness today because I still did it fighting through the pain!

ZUMBA 5:15p-6p    I love Zumba! If you like to dance and you like Hispanic inspired music, with some top 40 dance tunes this class is for you!
WERQ 6:30p-7:15p  This was my first WERQ class, but it went really well.  It is also dance, but to nothing but top 40 songs. I think I will add this class to my Wednesday work out.
*In between these two classes I had a piece of the beef jerky (un-pictured) I got from the farmers market, to tide me over.

Two dance fitness classes and I'm still smiling!

Not too long ago Mike and I got salad's from McDonald's (the southwestern is so good!)  I loved that after pouring your dressing on, you could put the top on your container and shake it instead of trying to stir the dressing into the salad. Today for dinner I wanted taco salad.  I needed a salad shaker.  I like to reuse things especially plastic as much as possible, so I found one of my big old yogurt containers and shook my salad! It came out perfectly mixed.  I'm definitely keeping my green salad shaker!

Dinner was taco salad - turkey, brown rice (leftovers) both seasoned with taco seasoning, onions, orange papers, lettuce, taco shredded cheese, tortilla chips, Western dressing (which is the best for taco salads. Trust me!); carrots and broccoli lightly seasoned by Green Giant; and a dish of blueberries and a few black berries, all while watching the Detroit Tiger's beat the A's!!!!!

I have some slightly disappointing news which I eluded to in yesterday's post, but I'm exhausted.  Perhaps tomorrow I can expand. Link up with this great party that Jenn hosted!! She always throws the best parties!


  1. i love instagram. i know most people are over it, and there are so many better apps, but i'm obsessed! and i think almost every week, my WIAW comes straight from instagram.

    and i REALLY love that mug! ohhh alice. :-)

    1. Yes I think again this week, it'll be an instagram photo week :) I'm just in love with it!

      A co-worker got it for me! It's my favorite mug :)

  2. yay for keeping strong and staying healthy! cheers from and wiaw!