Wednesday, April 18, 2012

WIAW #16 - RUN Edition

Helloooo!!! Today's What I Ate Wednesday is presenting by running....and of course by Jen!

Today I had some good eats and some exercise, so lets get started!

 Breakfast: Cranberry pomegranate oatmeal, raspberry cranberry juice, strawberry whipped yogurt, and whole wheat toasts with pumpkin spice butter (store bought, my mom likes to buy all the new items on the market).

Lunch: Wraps made up for honey ham, shredded Italian cheese, lettuce and orange peppers and some one at work order Jimmy Johns for us, so I had a small part of a roast beef sub.

Snacks: It was towards the end of my work day and I was exhausted.  Granted I didn't get a ton of sleep last night, but I knew that wasn't my only problem.  I was worried because Mike and I were planning on having our first run for Warrior Dash training.  My other problem was that I needed to eat.  To get me through the rest of my work day and my run, I had a pretty big snack of Wheat Thins, canned pears, cheese stick, and cliff bar.
You can see in the above picture I also had a naked smoothie.  This was my third attempt for liquid energy.  Attempts one and two were coffee and an energy drink.
Then Mike and I went for a run!  We ran and walked off and on for about 20 minutes.  It felt so nice to be outside working out again!!!

Dinner: We were starving after our run so we ordered a pizza!  Totally worth the run!  Can you guess which side is Mike and which is mine?  hahaha

Well I'm off to bed.  I'm exhausted.


  1. oh god. i have a wheat thin lust. a serious one. wheat thins - just regular classic wheat thins - i could eat boxes upon boxes of them. so fantastic!

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  3. Those wheat thins are calling my name too; actually, any form of cracker really calls my name! Lol... That would be why I don't buy them. Portion controlled bags though would be perfect for controlling my snacking addiction.

    1. Yes, I got those packages from someone I work with. Believe it or not, but she doesn't like wheat thins!! I was thinking about getting a box of them and putting them in serving size containers. Not only would they be good calorie wise, but also when I'm running out the door and need some food...which seems to happen to me a lot.