Thursday, April 19, 2012

Documentary Review - Forks Over Knives

Have you heard about this documentary at all?  I have not heard a ton of buzz about it and if that is the case with you, let me enlighten you.  I promise it's worth listening reading.  As the DVD case says, it could save your life!! 


I found out about this documentary while ordering books for the library I work at's Nursing Collection.  The summary seemed interesting so I thought I would watch it.  It was a great choice!  It is about two doctors who conducted research on diet and how it affects people.  The results were amazing!!

I'm talking here's-the-cure-to-your-illness/disease amazing!  The doctors advocate for a vegan diet.  I am not a fan of vegan-ism.  Not that I think it is wrong or anything, but for me personally, I LOVE dairy products and eggs, so I don't think I could do it, but this documentary has really made me consider taking more meat out of my diet.  Which is something I've been considering doing anyway.  I've been a big believer in diet to cure health issues and this DVD, with it's scientific studies just proves that it is possible.

The documentary was so interesting though.  I kept making a list of all the people that I want to watch it; which is basically the whole world. HaHa!  Whether or not you want to be vegan, vegetarian or an animal product eater, this documentary really makes you realize that you need to think about what you are putting into your body, which I think is a great thing for anyone to take away.

Getting this DVD shouldn't be too hard.  I got it sent to my library from a co-operative my library belongs to, so you could look into doing that.  I also recently saw it on NetFlix's instant streaming in the documentary category, so that is an option.  Lastly you could buy it. Amazon has it for around $15 and the documentary's website has it for $20.  There is also a book which gives advice, success stories and some recipes as well.  If you do watch it, let me know what you think!

Also, another blogger I follow, named Bryan Ganey, posted his thoughts on this documentary. Read them here.

Disclaimer:  I was not paid to review this documentary or to promote Bryan's blog.  My blog is collection of health related things that I like, want to remember, and want to share with others.  This documentary and Bryan's blog are a part of that.

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