Friday, April 13, 2012

Time to shop

There was a point a few weeks ago a month ago (all the weeks are running together), when I went grocery shopping for two weeks, maybe three weeks in a row.  What I loved was the following weeks, when Mike and I would decide to have homemade dinner together and I could just whip something up with what I had in the kitchen.

Cut to now.  Last weekend I was trying to decide what to make for this week's dinners and I felt like I had nothing in my kitchen.  Two Monday's ago, Mike and I went to see a movie and I was trying to figure out what I could whip up fast and I couldn't think of anything I could make with what I had in the kitchen.  For some reason I couldn't figure out what was different.  Why don't have anything I can make a meal out of?

A recipe that I am masquerading as a grocery list.

Recently I was surfing some blogs and someone (can't remember who, sorry!!) posted about how they have their staples - food they get each week when they go shopping.  Two things occurred to me.  1. I should try to go shopping weekly, to get items when they are on sale and to keep my staples stocked. 2. I need staples.  I know what you are saying, ""DUH, Katie!!"  In my defense, I have only been out of my parents house since September? Or was it October? Since fall and I never did much cooking while I was living there.  A few years ago I had an apartment, but dinners were: tacos, chips and cheese, mac and cheese and stuffing.  And I mean the boxed mac and cheese and stuffing.  Seriously, I ate these items weekly, which probably explains why I gained weight.  Notice what's missing? Vegetables and fruits!

Fast forward back to the present, where I eat some fruits and veggies on a daily basis.  My goal, now, is to try to grocery shop more regularly and to come up with staple that doesn't include boxed mac and cheese and stuffing.

Do you have a staple list?  What's on it or what would you put on one if you had it?

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  1. I kind of took things to the extreme with my "staple list". The things on it were the only things I ate each week. Surprisingly, having the same meal every day wasn't all that bad. I just made sure to change the seasoning for dinner.

    Breakfast was always Total cereal with skim milk. Lunch was always a sliced chicken breast salad with swiss cheese, whole wheat bread, and mustard with cottage cheese / pineapple on the side, and dinner was always a baked chicken breast with a vegetable (a combination of carrots, corn, or pease).

    I just bought those things each week and I was good to go.