Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WIAW #13 - The Hot & Engaged version

Hello everyone! It's Wednesday which means another What I Ate Wednesday party hosted by the fabulous Jen! But not only that I have news that I'm super excited to share with you, so let's get started!

So first the big news, because I'm so excited that I have to share it!  I'm ENGAGED!!
 I'm so happy and still kinda in shock!  Mike and I have been together for a little over four years and it has been the hardest (long distance anyone?) and best four years of my life! He makes me incredibly happy, so I'm really excited. We're shooting for a wedding next summer, so it's possible you might see some wedding plans on here.

Well, after that happy news, lets get onto my eats, I even have some green in it!

Raspberry Green Tea by V-8 (green on the label!) and a St. Patrick's Day doughnut with green sprinkles!  Not the healthiest breakfast, but I was running late (14 hr work day yesterday until 2:15am, in bed by 3am and up by 9am to be to work by 9:30am...such is my life)

No photography because I forgot.  So just imagine this: half a can of pasta and vegetable soup, Triscuits and an apple.  I really was wishing that I had some cherry salsa from our farmer's market to go with the Triscuits.  I'm telling you, cherry salsa and Triscuits is so amazing together - try it soon!

 Corn, Spanish Rice, pineapple and black bean and sweet potato enchiladas.  I got the recipe from Cookie + Kate. It is a vegetarian dish, which was great since I'm trying to incorporate more veggies and less meat into my diet. I even had Mike, who is a big carnivore, eat them and he liked them!  So basically they are amazing!  The only thing I did different is left out the jalapeno and fresno peppers and the cayenne pepper, added red and yellow peppers, plus used whole wheat tortillas instead of corn tortillas. And by the way, the enchiladas had salsa verde on them and green chilli's in them for my green.

Ending my night with a glass of:
Or as I like to call it, grown up chocolate milk :-)

Now at this point you maybe wondering about the Hot part in the title of this blog is for.  Well we have been having a big heat wave in Michigan.  Temps have been in the 80s (F) when normally they are in the 40s, so it has been very unexpected.  The place I work for was planning on doing some maintenance on our air conditioning this month, you know when it was still cool.  Unfortunately it has been wickedly warm in our buildings because of this and today I had Zumba.

For those of you not familiar with Zumba, it is an awesome, cardio workout.  One that really gets you sweating, so doing it in an 80 degree room with very little air circulation did not seem that fun.  In preparation for class, I found an article on staying hydrating for workouts.  It has some good information, so if you get a chance you should check it out.

And I did survive class!  Yahoo!  I think drinking water throughout the day really helped.

Well that is all for this week.  Go visit Jen's party and make some friends!


  1. So glad you enjoyed the enchiladas! And CONGRATS on your engagement!

    1. Thanks! The enchiladas are definitely going to be in my dinner rotation. I have been trying to incorporate more veggies and less meat into my diet, so it's perfect!

  2. You sure seem to love Hispanic food. It seems at least once or twice a month you eat something that comes from South of the border.

  3. Congratulations! Sweet potatoes have to be one of the best vegetables out there and those enchiladas sound great. Too bad they are not green or my WIAW would be much more to-the-theme :)

    1. Thanks!!

      I have recently come to love sweet potatoes. And guess what orange is my favorite color followed by green, so sweet potatoes fit right in!