Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WIAW #12 Wednesday fast food day (ish)

I say "ish", because I didn't actually eat any food from a fast food restaurant, but everything I ate was quickly made by me or other people.  I did not know about going green for my eats, but I happened to have one meal with green in it!  So let's get started:

I had some rice chex cereal, a yoplait greek yogurt, and this delicious drink of caffeine.  I love how the doubleshot says "Carpe diem" and "I love chocolate".  BTW, the mocha doubleshot - get one soon, SO delicious!


My favorite salad from one of the on campus dining spots.  Michigan Salad: dried cherries, pecans, spring greens, chicken, feta cheese, raspberry vinaigrette, and cherry vinaigrette.  To drink, Brisk raspberry tea.

Banana, peanut butter cliff bar, and some Starburst jelly beans.

After Zumba and before dinner I stopped by Mike's and we went for a walk.  The weather is crazy here in Michigan.  Many times in March we still have snow and look at this:

It's crazy!!!  Mike and I took his dog for a long walk to enjoy this gorgeous weather.  Plus how can you say no to this?

Mike's dog Skip, he's soo cute :)

After the walk, I headed home and made a quick dinner of garlic, red pepper grilled cheese (garlic powder on the bread and red pepper flakes in the sandwich).  Plus homemade applesauce that my mom made and homemade egg rolls that I bought from a fundraiser at work.

Is the weather odd for this time where you are?  Are you doing anything different to enjoy it or because of it?

Also thanks to Jen for hosting! Go check out this week's What I Ate Wednesday and meet some new people!

P.S. I'm fasting to have a blood draw tomorrow, but after posting this I'm hungry!! I have 9 hours to go!

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