Thursday, March 29, 2012

WIAW #14 - Awesome New Resturant Edition!

Today I'm going to share one meal of my eats. Why? Because it fits in really great with Jen's theme of eating more veggies. Because I went to a great restaurant today that you'll all want to try.  And because I'm running short on time and really need to sleep, asap. With that let's get started!

Today I went out to lunch with my brother and sister
My sister Amy, my brother Danny and myself (not pictured my other brother Eric and sis-in-law Arleigha, because he's serving in the army and currently they are stationed in Kansas.  Missed you guys tho!!)

 We went to this new to me diner called Bartertown Diner.  A person I used to work with works there and I found out about the place via Facebook.  What makes this place so awesome, you ask? Well,
  1.  It is a vegetarian/vegan/raw restaurant
  2.  They recycle/reuse pretty much everything and throw out like only a bag of trash a week!
  3.  All the food they serve is local.  Depending on what the farmers bring them, they could have different items on the menu.  This is the best for us, since Michigan's economy is so crappy it's nice they are support local businesses.
The atmosphere is great. Painted in bold colors with cool things on the walls:
I love this!
Reused items and materials.  Like their checkout counter is a hodgepodge of pieces of wood and like our salt and pepper shakers that I'm pretty sure were a thrift store find:
Dog shakers and a sweet looking menu
And really friendly service!  The food was great!  I don't eat vegetarian often, so I was a little nervous, but I really liked my food, as did my brother and sister.  So what did we eat?

Chickpea Melt (lower left), Tostadas (top middle), and Parsnip Ribwich (lower right)!! The American fries were really amazing!  My brother also got root beer, which was pretty good.

If you are ever in Grand Rapids, MI you really need to check this place out!  Now it's time for me to sleep, but I'll leave you with a thought from my Dove candy

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  1. Sounds interesting, but definitely not a place I'd wanna go alone. Lunch sometime? :)