Thursday, February 16, 2012

WIAW #9 - Half baked version

It's Wednesday, but not only that but it is What I Ate Wednesday #9 for me!  #9 comes to you as the half baked version. Why half baked?  Because I forgot to take photos of my food, so I only did half the work - the eating half. =)  Fear not though, I think I can pull this off with some borrowed pictures from the net and some wordage. So let's get this party rolling (and a huge thanks to Jenn for hosting!)!!

So yes, this whole love veggies month, I'm failing miserably, but more on that later first - the eats!

Birthplaces: cereal, yogurt, tea
A delicious, albeit, normal breakfast.  Not pictured, my vitamins.

I know what your thinking. "Wow, Katie that is about as far from veggies as you can get!" BUT my grandma sent this home with my sister for me, as a Valentines Day treat (along with many other treats), so I had to eat it.  Plus I had my breakfast at 11:30am so I was only slightly hungry around 2:30pm. 

I ate a peanut butter cliff bar on my way into work to hold me over until dinner.  When I first got to work, I had a meeting over coffee.  I tried hazelnut flavor, not bad.

The wrap is called a Dub and it's from Menna's Joint.  I got the Western Dub, which is not what is pictured here, but it had scrambled eggs, ham, cheddar, green pepper, potatoes and onions in it. My only veggies for the day was in there.  Not pictured was water to drink.

Notice my lack in veggies.  I know they are really good for you.  My problem is I don't love them the way I love fruit.  I will eat veggies, but they are something that I can't easily incorporate into my diet.  I looked at Jenn's gorcery pictures and it is full of veggies!  I have problems trying new ones...does anyone else feel that way?!  I am concerned that I don't get enough veggies and would like to substitute a meal (or more) a week as a vegetarian meal, but I freak out at trying new veggies.

Do you have any amazing vegetarian meals you love?  Maybe if I have a stamp of approval, I'll be more convinced to try them.

Also please help with some more ideas:
1. lunch ideas.  I get sooo bored with lunch. Sandwiches all the time.  What do you eat for lunch?
2. Quick meal ideas.  As you may or may not know I'm working two jobs totaling 58 hrs a week.  I have very little free time and eat most of my meals on breaks at work, so I need some fast, make ahead meal ideas.  I'm trying to get into the habit of cooking on Sunday and Monday and then having it last all week, because I have basically no time to cook another other day.

Any ideas for these (and amazing vegetarian meals) would be super amazing!
Thanks you guys rock!!