Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WIAW #8 - late edition

Well it's another Wednesday, which means two things:
                  1. I was late to work.
                  2. It's

As you can see our lovely, host Jen, has picked February to be Love Your Veggies Month!  Which is great for me, since I have a hard time eating enough veggies.

Well, let's get onto my I stated previously, I woke up late.  This is getting to be an annoying habitat.  Hopefully next week will be better.  Not only was I late to work this morning, but you might have remember from my post yesterday that I was supposed to get my blood drawn today and tested for cholesterol, and I missed that blood draw.  *le sigh* but then again, I guess there's no use crying over split milk....

....what was my point? Oh yeah my food, because I woke up late, in addition to everything in the previous paragraph, I also had to just grab food as I ran out the door and picked stuff up, so my eats are a bit random.

I had a friend buy me the giant variety box of Cliff Bars from Sam's club for occasions just like this when I wake up late and have to run out the door.  (Today I added the box of chocolate brownie and blueberry crisp.  I'm slightly obsessed.)  I ate a peanut butter one on the way to work.  When I got to work, I bought the Blue Machine Naked smoothie.

I grabbed all this before running out the door to get to work. Ocean Spray cranberry and pomegranate oatmeal, a cutie and cheese crackers with peanut butter. (notice no vegetables - this challenge will be good for me.)

A snack of two Hershey kisses - a cherry one and dark chocolate one.  Later I had Zumba, but in my rush out the door, I forgot to grab my shoes, so I had to do Zumba in my socks.  Everyone thought they were cute.  My brother who's in the army, was stationed in South Korea for a year and he and his wife sent them to me :D  Before Zumba I picked up a pomegranate lemonade Gatorade, that had U of M (University of Michigan) on the label and pita chips for after my workout, because I had to go back to work to make up my hours and knew I'd need something to hold me over.

When I finally got home, I had leftover turkey tacos and because we are supposed to be loving vegetables this month, I had corn.  This corn is a Mexican roasted corn, by Spartan in a steamable bag, which I LOVE!  Dessert was some chocolate, no sugar added ice cream and a homemade avocado brownie. This post has a link to the recipe I used.

Link up to Jen's WIAW party!!

What do you do to wake up in the morning?
What's your favorite, oh-no-I'm-late-let-me-grab-something-quick! food?


  1. Coffee is my wake up for sure! You sure were a grab and go girl!

  2. I usually don't have a problem waking up in the morning, assuming I have something I have to do that day, but if I need to really make sure I'll be awake on time, I tend to set my alarm an hour early so I can hit snooze a few times before I finally wake up. I feel like this allows me to wake up in increments, as each time I have to hit snooze, I feel a little more awake.

    I don't really have a food I grab when I'm in a rush. . . Most of the time I just don't grab anything.