Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Superbowl Sunday!

Superbowl Sunday!  I'm not that in to football, I'm more of a baseball gal myself (Let's Go TIGERS!!), but I do like to watch the commercials, and hang out with friends.  I had a few people over this past Sunday for the game and I got to cook! Some of it was healthy-ish, some not so much.  There were two things I tired that were brand new and that's what I want to share with you.


Avocado Brownies.  

I followed this recipe and I think they turned out really well.  However, Mike didn't have a seconds, so that usually means he didn't like them.  My sister said they tasted like normal brownies and I don't think my other two friends had any.  As for myself, I thought they were pretty good (picture above is for my dessert tonight.)  They are a very cake-y type brownie though, so if you don't like that you won't like these.

Avocados are very good for you.  They are a healthy type of fat and have lot of vitamins, such as vitamin E, B, fiber and potassium (source).  They could also help lower cholesterol (source).

I have never bought an avocado, so to help me learn how to handle them, I watched a couple interent videos to help me learn how to peel and pit an avocado and how to mash and avocado

They worked wonderfully!

The second new thing I made was Kebab, which is a meat that you eat with a pita.  It comes from Iraq.  I have a friend from Iraq that introduced me to it.  My version wasn't as good as the one I had that someone else made, but they were okay.

I used these two videos to make it:

This lady is as crazy as she looks!!
Mine didn't look quite this good
After the Super Bowl, we played some Dance Central to burn off the calories we ate. :) 

Tonight I have to fast because I'm getting my blood drawn this morning for a free cholesterol test through work.  I hate needles and getting my blood drawn, but my cholesterol tends to be a bit high, so I like to swallow my nervous-ness and get tested when I can.   I'll let you know how it turns out, when I get the results back.

Did you make anything good for Super Bowl?
What's your favorite ethnic food?


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