Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WIAW #7 the-crappy-morning-best-salad-exhausting-day edition

My morning started out terrible. I slept through my alarm and was two hours late for work, missing a meeting I was supposed to be at. Which put my food in the backseat today and it was just whatever I could grab.  So WIAW is a a little bit crazy...but let's get this party started, with our awesome host Jen!

This was my breakfast.  Mini Rice cakes.

Delicious, but not as filing as my normal oatmeal or cereal.  It was however, easy to grab it before I ran out the door.  I had a snack of peanut butter and cheese crackers to get me through a second meeting I had today and actually made it to (not pictured).

Then was lunch! 
Because I didn't have time to pack a lunch I had to get lunch at work.  I work on a college campus, and it can be hard to find something that is good for me to eat, that's not Subway  I get sick of Subway fast.  But I have found this amazing salad (with a roll and raspberry ice tea).  Its called the Michigan Salad.  Spring greens, dried Michigan cherries, chicken, feta cheese crumbles, raspberry vinaigrette, cherry vinaigrette, and this time I got the pecans on it, to meet Lyn's food challenge. I hate nuts.  They come with this salad and I normally ask to have it made without the pecans, but because of Lyn's challenge, today I got the pecans and it was actually pretty good that way!  Thanks Lyn!! With those ingredients who wouldn't love this salad?? I mean look at it!

Dinner was good. 

I didn't feel like cooking much so I made tacos, topped them with onions, corn and cheese.  I had them with apples and peanut caramel dip. (Sorry about the lighting.  My cell phone was dying and it didn't have enough battery to use the flash) For dessert I treated myself to ice cream.

After this morning, I feel like I'm holding onto a rope trying to pull something out of a lake, but no matter how hard I pull the rope keeps slipping out of my hand and if I don't figure out a better way to grip it, I'm going to lose it. I have felt this way a few times in my life, but working 58 hours like I'm doing now...I don't know.  It's only the second week, so maybe things will get better.  I have to figure something out soon....I can't keep going like I have been this week.  Hope you had a great Wednesday!!


  1. That is awesome! Way to step out of your comfort zone and try something new and healthy. That salad does look good :)

  2. Corn. . . on tacos? Where in the world would you get an idea like that?! ;)

  3. That salad does look good, but I have to admit that I dislike feta cheese... Does that make me a bad person? lol
    Supper looks great too. And ice cream in the winter? Sign me up for that! Especially if its one-ingredient banana ice cream.