Saturday, February 4, 2012

REALizations of myself

I have realized:

1. I'm becoming a foodie.  I am always looking at recipes and I get excited at the thought of cooking something new. And today at work, I saw this amazing pan on an infomercial and instantly thought I have got to have that! I have never thought that about infomercial merchandise!

b.  I'm addicted to chai tea lattes from Biggby and because of it I am becoming a chai tea snob.

Give me Biggby or I don't want it! (OH! My old phone!)

3. That apparently, I have lost alot of weight.  I don't see it, exepct a little in my face.  I know the scale tells me I lost 24 lbs, but I think I still look pretty much the same.  However a few weeks back a professor came in and said, "Oh my God, are you still eating?  I'm worried."  Which, she must have been over exaggerating, because I'm not little by any means.

Then today a co-worker came in, who's been offf work for a while, and she said, "Wow, you're wasting away!"  To which I replied that I was about to go get something from the vending machine and she thought that was a good idea. o.O

I have heard that girls think they are bigger than they are, so I really looked in the one full length mirror we have at work...I tried to only focus on what was really there and I have come to the conclusion that I do not look like I'm wasting away or that I'm even skinny....what do you think?

Part of the tummy bump is a belt, but not all of it :)
 REALization?  Or FAKEization?

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  1. Since you're becoming a foodie, does this mean I'll actually get to try food you've cooked sometime? Also, how do you have time to watch infomercials at work? Isn't it illegal to keep televisions in a library? ;)