Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WIAW #10 - Increased Veggie Love Edition

Well for this Wednesday, although it did not start out or end too healthy, the middle had a good portion of veggies in it!  I am pretty happy about that!  Let's get to the eats!

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Well as I stated my morning did not start out too great.  I woke up not feeling well, so I thought I'd just sleep a little bit longer....and a bit longer turned into me being late.  I still felt so-so when I woke up and didn't feel like anything sweet, which was all I had as a grab-and-go, but I knew I needed to eat.  So, please friends forgive me, but I got McDonalds.  Egg McMuffin, hash brown and orange juice. I forgot to take a picture of it though.  I really don't like getting fast food, but I needed some salty, not sweet for breakfast and I needed it fast.


  Hazelnut coffee and blueberry crisp Cliff bar.


Cutie, water, and salad - carrots, onions, yellow pepper, mixed greens, chicken with corn and black bean salsa and cheddar cheese. (lots of veggies)


Baked potato, roasted corn, strawberry flavored applesauce, and tacos - cheddar cheese, yellow and orange peppers, onions and it was made with Morning Star Farms Grillers Crumbles. (more veggies)  These tacos were sooo good! And no meat!  To drink, soy milk.


 I have been kinda down the last couple days.  After work yesterday and today Mike came over to cheer me up.  Today he brought me a shamrock shake from McDonalds. SOO good and Mike did cheer me up :)

Before I go, one more veggie meal which I had on Sunday.  Mike and I got lunch at a local bar.  They have amazing stuffed burgers and a ton of arcade games, which is what Mike likes.  Plus they have vegetarian foods.  I recently watched a documentary, which really got me thinking about what I'm eating.  I'm not a vegetarian, but I'm really going to try to incorporate more veggies and less meat into my diet.  (I'll post a review of the documentary soon.)  I got this amazing veggie burger:

Not the best picture, but my phone was dying so I couldn't use my flash.  Onions, tomato, lettuce on a black bean lentil burger, smothered in cheese.  SO good.  Sided with Stella's amazing chronic fries.

Also Stella's tables have cravings in them.  The one in my picture is of the Deathly Hallows from Harry Potter.  I pointed it out to Mike and explained it to him and he called me a nerd....hey I'm not the one twitching because I want to play arcade games  - that's all I'm saying!

Hey thanks for reading, leave me a comment I love them and visit Jen's page to make friends!  I asked this last week, but didn't get any responses, so if you feel so inclined please share with me your favorite vegetarian foods/meals and quick meals. Happy eating!

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