Monday, February 27, 2012


I recently stumbled across a story on about people who lost a ton of weight and how they did it.  I love reading these stories.  Even though I have not lost 80lbs (and if I did I'd be dead), reading about people who have lost a ton of weight is very inspiring for me.  There was one of these people who lost the weight, who has a blog which I started following.  His name is Bryan Ganey and he has lost 284lbs!  He recently did a post on motivation.  He said that people who also want to lose weight, often ask him where they can get motivation.  He tells them that it has to come from themselves, so I thought that I would share my motivation. 


Have you ever heard the stories about the people who gained so much weight they couldn't get out of their house?  Whenever I heard about those stories, I always wonder how someone could let that happen.  I know that a lot of time there are other issues, such as emotional eating, but it just blows my mind sometimes. 

Not only that, but it scares me.  It scares me to think that I could become that way if I'm not careful.  So much so that I decided when I was younger that as soon as I started to gain weight, I would start to work out and eat better to get the weight off and to prevent me from gaining a lot of weight.

One day I hopped on the scale and I had gained 19 lbs.  19!  That was almost 20 lbs!! That was the turning point.  It was time to lose this weight before it got out of control.  That was the turning point for me and I started doing the one exercise I hated.  Running.  I've learned to like it since then and it helped me drop the weight.

Now my motivation is to keep the weight off and to live a long (100 years long), healthy life!  What's your motivation?  Check out Bryan Ganey's blog to read about his motivation!


  1. When I read "I always wonder how someone could let that happen,", I couldn't help but remember something you said in high school.

    I can't remember if it was just you and I walking home, or if Amanda was with us, but I remembered how you said you couldn't understand how some of your friends, myself included, could let themselves get so unhealthy.

    Anyway, on point, my motivation comes from all the illnesses my family has. . . The diabetes, kidney disease, heart issues, etc. Too bad my motivation stops in my head. I desperately want to live healthier, but actually doing it is a different story.

  2. It will click one day. I mean it took me a long time, but I lost 80 lbs! It is a mental thing. You really have to focus and believe that you can do it :D