Monday, December 9, 2013

Holiday Crazyiness

You guys, it is the 9th of December. THE 9TH! I'm in full holiday mode with last two weekends being not stop activities and the week days filled with to-do listing. I'm already thinking about how fast this month is going to fly by.  The sad fact about how busy I am and how fast the time is going, is that I have yet to work out.  I still haven't got to a store to buy new workout shoes! (I lost mine in the move to the apartment, you August.)

At work we are doing the Hold The Stuffing Challenge.  I got weighed in on the Monday before Thanksgiving and I have to maintain my weight through the holidays (within two pounds).  The last TWO years I was not able to do this. I guess that was part of my journey to gaining all my weight back.

Oh yeah, in this post I was four pounds away.  Now depending on the scale, I'm pretty much all the way back to the weight I was when I very first starting losing weight. Excuse the French, but D*MN IT!

Anyway, so today I was thinking about all of this and I know that something needs to happen.  I have GOT to get some sort of exercise in or by New Year's Eve, I'm going to be 50 lbs heavier! I did some research and I found some helpful links that I wanna share with you guys. They make getting healthier during the holidays much easier. It's not too late for us to have a healthier holiday!!


The 15-Minute Anytime, Anywhere Workout, by Women's Health
All you need for this workout is a towel, a floor and 15 minutes. Done! If you are traveling over the holidays, you can do this.  If you have no time, like me, you can do this! I might not even need shoes for this work out!  I'm thinking about even using this exercise on activities-on-top-of-activities days.

3 Quick and Easy Holiday Work Out Ideas by Men's Fitness
Men, these quick workouts mean you too! This is another workout that doesn't take much equipment, if any. Easy to fit these into your day. 

My favorite quote of this article, "You may not go to the gym as frequently during [the holidays], but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work out.” SO TRUE!

Free Minutes: 15 Ways To Find 15 Minutes For Exercise Every Day by Women's Health
No excuses people!  If you are thinking you absolutely can't carve 15 minutes/3 times a week, read this to see how easily you can find 15 minutes to work out.

The Benefits of 15-Minute Workouts by Women's Health
We have all heard that workouts need to be a certain time length, 30 minutes, an hour, etc; but this provides lots of evidence that even at 15 minute workout can be beneficial.

This article has a lot of great information, but #3 and #6 were really shocking and motivating. Lately, I'm so focused on exercising and eating better to lose weight, but I really need to remember to focus on the health benefits and my long term goal of living to be 100!

All right so let's do this guys! Okay? We can maintain this holiday season, instead of gain!

Got any tips to share for having a healthy holiday?

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