Friday, May 17, 2013

Blogging Patterns and Life

March was a really good month for myself and blogging.  I had a good amount of posts spaced nicely throughout the month. Then came April and that all went down the tubes.  The amount I blog seems to correspond with my life.  The busier I am the less I blog. [duh?]  Hobbies seem to be the first thing that I drop out of my life when I get busy.  I guess I deem them as less important, which is somewhat true, but probably not the best thing for my mental health.

Since I haven't been blogging throughout the last month, you may be wondering what have I been doing.  Lots and lots of stuff.

Well sorta. This all started a few months ago when Mike and I found an apartment we liked.  We turned in our applications, got approved and was put on the wait list.  We asked to move in May or June, with May being our ideal month.  On April first I got a phone call from the apartment complex that they had a cancellation and the two people ahead of us on the wait list couldn't take it, do we want it?  We had to make the decision by the next morning.

After much discussion, we decided we would take it and man was that the right decision.  The first week we had the keys, we moved a few things in, but nothing too major.  The second week we moved a lot more, but here's the kicker - Mike and I never had a full day off for moving.  Mike was working both his jobs most days and I was working every day which meant two weeks of working a lot of hours and then moving. Moving a lot of times was at midnight and 1 am.  I think if we would've done this closer to the wedding the stress might have killed me hahaha. but seriously.

Us in our apartment!
I previously decided that I didn't want to move in with Mike until after the wedding, in August, so for now I have some things there, a lot of the big furniture, and then I will slowly move other things until August when I will fully move in.  Mike on the other hand pretty much fully moved in.  I am so happy to have this off my to-do list!

We have a little over three months til the big day.  THREE MONTHS which does not seem very long, however when you think that the wedding isn't until August which means we still have most of summer to get through, it doesn't seem quite so terrifying short.  I am a procrastinator.  I work best when I have a deadline and so I  made myself a deadline of May, which a second backup deadline of June to work really hard at getting all the rest of the wedding stuff done.

Working hard, under the pressure of a deadline for me, means being on a sleep diet.  I'm trying really hard to get 6 hours a night. Naturally my body sleeps for 9-10 hours of sleep, so 6 is not optimal, but I have extra time to get stuff done.  I have been averaging 5-6 hours a night and then an 8 hour night usually follows to catch up on sleep.  I figure, I'd rather lose my sleep now than lose it the month, week or day before the wedding! Not that I am thinking that I am actually going to sleep the night before my wedding....

In April we really focused on getting the centerpieces together and the save the dates out.  Unfortunately they are going out later than I wanted, but better late than never, I guess. 

Dealing with Sickness
The week after we moved most the stuff in to the apartment, Mike was down for the count with the cold from H. E. double hockey sticks.  He spent pretty much a whole week laying in bed and on the couch in our apartment.  I have never seen him so sick.  My sister was also out of town this week, so I had to feed our cats.  This meant, I'd leave work, go home feed the cats, then drive to the apartment and take care of Mike.  There was also many trips to the store.  The apartment is closer to work so it was a lot of drive time.  I was happy to be able to help him though :)

If you're not from Grand Rapids, MI you might not be aware of the extreme amount of rain we have got a couple weeks ago, which caused flooding in many parts of Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas.
Here's a good collection of photos from downtown Grand Rapids.  None of the buildings were actually built in water, in case you aren't from GR.

Our basement hadwater in it.  Luckily my Mom and Dad handled most of the work, I did have a couple shop vac sessions.  Just add it to my to-do list. ;)

I think this sums up my week last week the best:

What has been missing from April has been any shred of a healthy lifestyle.  I can't tell you the last time I worked out, my eating habits have gone down the tube and I bet if I hopped on a scale, I'd be very upset. In May, I'm going to to try focus on getting some healthy lifestyle attributes back into my life.

So...what's been going on in your life?

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