Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I'm living to 95 years old!

I have one email that I send all my freebie offers to.  I think everyone has one of these - their junk email where items just collect and collect and collect.  I'm working on trying to stay on top of that email and slowly deleting the old emails. All 6535 of them.  My brother once said, "Katie why do you care?  It's like it's taking up space in your room or something."  I don't know why it bothers me but it does.  I am an information/paper hoarder, but I need to work on the organization of that information, including the digital clutter. 

Anyway, I was working on going through some old email and I found something really cool!

My planner - key to my organization!
I found a Life Expectancy Calculator!  It is made by Northwestern Mutual, so take it with a grain of salt.  I'm not sure what their credibility is on life expectancy although I picture them using this to decide whether or not to insure people, like Ben Stiller's character had to do with the adventure guy in Along Came Polly.  (Anyone besides me see that movie?)

The calculator has you answer 13 questions about your lifestyle and then gives you your age.  I gave it a whirl and look what I got

95 years! I don't know why but for some reason seeing that pop up and it being closely aligned with my living-to-100-years-old-goal, made me really excited and validated.  Like just because this little calculator says 95, I'm definitely going to make it that far!  Even better once I increased my exercising and my intake of fruits and veggies, it bumped me up to 99 years old!!!

I know in my head that I want to live the healthiest life possible so I can live as long in possible.  I have a goal of living to 100 years old, but I know in reality that God is in control of that, not me.  However seeing the upper 90s for my life expectancy, really gave me a boost in my confidence.  This could really happen! 

After my February Challenge, I have observed a few areas I need to work on, which I hope to incorporate into my health plan for the next few months.  A couple of those areas is the food I eat and my exercising.   I'll share my newly developed plan soon, but in the mean time try this Life Expectancy Calculator ! Share your age and thoughts on it below!

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