Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February - It's on!

It is February 20th! Just ten days ago marked the six month mark until Mike and I get married.  My mind is flying with all the details we still have to work out. Mostly I just want it to be here.  I want us to be married.  I can't wait for us to move in together and start our life together!

However, there is still a lot that I need to do so I'm happy we still have six months to get it all done!  One thing that I am working on is trying to lose that holiday weight I gained. In addition to that just trying to work on toning my body in my problem areas. I have struggled all January to get back into a routine with my workouts.  Luckily, I've had a challenge that has kicked my butt into gear this month.

Yum pie!

Last post, I mentioned this challenge. It is a group on facebook that one of Mike's friends have started.  It's called Flat Stomach February.  The group requires us to post in the group everyday what we did for our workout or that it was a rest day. Every Monday we have to send in our weight and our measurements to the coach.  If we don't meet these requirements we get kicked out of the group.  In addition to all that, Mike and I are logging our food in MyFitnessPal every day.

Old totals from my MyFitnessPal account

I know that having a support system to keep you accountable has proved to help many people be successful in their weight loss/health goals, however I have never been a big fan of it.  I don't like thinking that I need to rely on someone else so I will get it done.  If it really is that important to me, I should be able to get it done myself without reporting to other people.  However this group has proved to be a great motivator for me.  There were a couple days last week, where I might have said screw it and skipped the work out, but because of this group I worked out six days last week.  I just hope I can keep it up after February and more importantly the month before the wedding when life gets crazy.  What a nightmare it would be if I gained weigh and my wedding dress no longer fit!!

I also really like that we only weigh in once a week.  It can be discouraging to see the small gains from day to day.  Looking at my weigh once a week will help keep me accountable for any weigh gain, without discouraging me from working out.  I think weighing in weekly might be something I continue to do after this challenge is over.  If I would've done this over the holidays, I could've seen myself slowly gaining the weight and stopped it before it got up to seven pounds worth!!

Mike's and my first weigh in was on a different scale than what were are using now, but I think it is still relatively accurate.  I'll share with you my weigh loss for now and then at the end of this month, I'll share my measurements as well.

Starting weight: 150 lbs
This weeks weigh in: 142lbs
Weight loss so far: 8 lbs - and my holiday weigh gain is gone!

I have not seen the loss in inches around my belly, my butt or my thighs that I would like to see.  I'm hoping to develop an action plan to finish this month strong and see some results in those areas. Of course I will share those plans with all you, once I have them figured out!

Did you have problems getting back into a workout routine after the holidays?  
How are your fitness goals holding up so far this year?

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