Tuesday, February 5, 2013

And Now the Bad News

The holidays for me, did not end pretty.  I really should have taken some advice from the other two in this challenge with me.  They rocked it out!

In the end, at the final weigh-in, I had gained a total of seven pounds! I have been mulling over this for a few weeks now, thinking about how I wanted to handle this post and I think I'm going to frame this the same way it went through my head.

Shoulda been eating more salad.....

Disappointment I spent the fall working out five days a week almost every week. I felt like I had done all that work for nothing. I knew what I needed to do to keep the holiday weight off: I had a plan - work out three days a week especially before big eating days, take smaller portions - and I just simply did not do it. The worst is knowing I could do it and just choose not to.

Anger Why didn't I just do this?! I just threw away months of hard work! I'm such an idiot, so stupid.  It wasn't like it was impossible, I could've done it and now I have gained back seven pounds!

After I got through my emotions, I started to think about how this experience affects my life.

Life Lifestyle change  - I have posted on this before.  Eating healthy and exercising is not a temporary fix, it really has to be a lifestyle change.  I knew this before, but it really was driven home after the past holidays.  I gained seven pounds in 44 days. I gained seven pounds in six weeks and two days. Those 44 days equal 12% out of the year.  I can mess everything up in just a measly 12% of the year.  That is not acceptable for me anymore.  This year I'm really going to focus on adjusting my lifestyle to fit the life I want.

Wedding The wedding...my wedding is six months and five days away! Am I in freak out mood yet, you ask?  Slightly.  Mike and I are making a lot of progress though, so we are sitting pretty well.

Anyway.  I want to look good for my wedding of course.  I already ordered my dress and it hides what I would consider my problem areas.  My biggest concern is the honeymoon.  Mike and I are going to Jamaica! Which means lots of time on the beach for me.  Which better not mean lots of time uncomfortable!   I have six months left to make this happen, which I think is totally doable!

Although I am dissapointed in the results of the holidays, I am not letting it drag me down.  I am not giving up on living a healthy lifestyle or my health goals.  January has been hard to get into the routine, but this month I have a challenge that is getting me motivated to get back on track.  Look for a post about the challenge coming soon.

How is the start of the New Year going for you and your fitness goals?  Did you make any health related resolutions?

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