Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WIAW 20 [&] 4 Questions, 1 Answer

Two link parties for me today! I'll be having some food and drink with Jen's What I Ate Wednesday, then heading over to Lacey's 4 Questions, 1 Answer to share a story with friends! Hope to bump into you at one or both parties!

I'm pretty sure only one of those was mine...


As with every Wednesday (it seems) I woke up late and so ate on my way to work. A banana and a pastry.


I brought some food - a Morningstar Farms pizza burger (SO good) and some strawberries. I knew this wouldn't hold me over until Zumba at 5, much less until I got home, so I also got a bag of Bar-B-Q Fritos from the vending machine (weak moment). And ate outside in the 90* + weather :) It was great!I love warm weather!

Dinner was delicious! Tossed salad (spring mix, spinach, taco cheese, bacon bites, croutons and light Italian dressing), more strawberries, Crystal Light Peach Iced Tea, spaghetti, sweet & spicy sweet potatoes, and garlic bread.  All of it delicious.  Also, the sweet and spicy sweet potatoes - you gotta try them! It was a Pinterest find and they are soo good!  I would link to the recipe for you right now, but the website seems to be down.  I'll post it later though I promise!  Or leave me a comment and I'll post the link on your blog later.

Mini rice cakes, a Jello strawberry cheesecake and string cheese.  Sensible snacking?  Not entirely, but I'm hoping to improve on that! Also throughout the day I drank a lot of water.

Onto the next party!

1) What has been your favorite vacation destination?
Camping in Ludington, MI. This is my favorite because my family has gone camping in the state park ever summer my whole life.  Literally. The first time I went camping, outside of my mom's belly, was when I was 6 months old. The state park is gorgeous with lots of trails, a river, two beaches, programing, paved path for bikes and roller blading, so much to do.  The town of Ludington has a small downtown area, with a great ice cream shop, mini golf, and tons of stores to shop in, plus my favorite photographers - Todd and Brad Reed. Do yourself a favor and check out their photography. It's gorgeous!
This is not their photography.  It's yours truly.
2) What is your least favorite feeling in the world?
3) What song pulled you through that tough spot?
Deftones Change
4) What item of clothing do you feel most confident in?
Flow-y shirts

Thanks for link partying with me.  Now take back your PBR and mingle with others!


  1. I love that song!

    Flow-y shirts are like the only ones I wear too :)

    The Adventures Of MommaLoo

    1. That song is so great! Currently flow-y shirts re my most fave! Plus they are cooler than tighter ones!