Sunday, June 24, 2012


It is really hard to find motivation to get healthy.  I hear many people talk about how they want to lose weight or eating healthier, but then many times what follows is the excuses of why they can't. I am no exception to this.  Recently I have used my busy-ness as my excuse. BUT if you (and I) really want to get healthy we have to reach down inside ourselves, find our true motivation and hold onto that.

A blog I follow,, recently had a guest post talk about finding your motivation. I encourage you to read it.  You can do so here.
Motivation part 1 - this guy and our wedding, next summer.

Change is not easy, but it can be done! Read that blog, find your motivation and let's do it!


  1. I still wish I could afford to eat healthier. . . Until then, I really need to focus on eating less.

    1. Good luck! It's tough, but I know you can do it!!