Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Good Attitude = Good Day

So on Friday night a couple weeks ago I made a post that I had been feeling down and that Saturday was going to be a good day. It actually did turn out to be a good day.  Here's why:

I woke up 2 hours after my alarm went off. I didn't have to be anywhere so I wasn't late, but I had a big to do list and wanted to get an early start. Usually, waking up late would put me in a bad mood, but I was determined to have a good day, so I thought to myself, "Hey you got eight hours of sleep, your body needed the rest, this is a good thing" and did not let waking up late bother me.

One of my to-do list items was visiting the Fulton Street Farmers Market, (Check out their site.  I love it!) which is located downtown.  That Saturday was the 5/3rd Riverbank Run, which had most of downtown blocked off so I didn't even to try to drive. Instead I took the bus downtown and for the first time ever took my bike with me! Then I rode from the bus stop to the farmers market. It was 1.7 miles one way including one pretty big hill.  I was really happy though to travel via bike for the health and environmental benefit!

They just re-did the Fulton Street Farmer's Market and it looks great! It used to be some metal poles and tattered traps, now look at it:
Please ignore the porter potty!
There was a ton of vendors and a ton of people. It was so fun to walk around! I love to buy fresh, local produce when I can.
About half way through the market
I picked up flowers for my mom and soon-to-be mother-in-law. (That's a lot of dashes.) I also got asparagus, a southern cantaloupe (not local), and some maple sugar candy. On the way back home I got caught in the rain for just a few minutes.
I love the contrasting color between the storm clouds and bus station roof!!
Then I had some lunch and took a 20 min 2 hour nap on the couch. What was supposed to be 20 mins turned into 2 hours!!  Remember what I said about a big to do list?  Falling asleep for two hours normally would really set me off into a bad mood, but I managed to not be upset and focused on getting a few things done before going to Mike's house for dinner. Following dinner, Mike, my brother and I (but mostly Mike and my brother) played Stars Wars Kinect. It was awesome. 
I did not get near done what I wanted to, but overall I was pretty happy with my day!  Why was that? It was all due to my attitude!  When something happened that normally upset me, I just breathed and adjusted my attitude. I'm trying to adjust my attitude more for things like this, because in most cases, I can't turn back the clock to fix things, so I might as well just make the best of it, right? Right!  Having a positive attitude really helps out.

One side thought -  why did I fall sleep for two hours when I had gotten eight hours of sleep?  I'm guessing it was because of the three mile bike ride.  I don't normally ride my bike one mile much less going three, so I'm sure my body wasn't up to it, but it bothers me that I was that tired after taking the bike ride.  In my health goals, I'd like to reach a point where I can try a new physical activity and not have it bother me that much. 

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