Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WIAW #17 Exam Week Edition

Well it's exam week and I have been working until 4am some nights working at 11am some days.  Basically my schedule is worse than usual.  Today started out like this:


Eat?! Speaking of eat it's Wednesday and with a morning like that the eats are not going to be pretty, but I'll tough up and show what I got.

BREAKFAST: The first food of the day is disgraceful as far as eating healthy goes.  I was haulin balls driving to work as I was eating so I didn't get a picture of the food, but I did snap a picture of the cup as I was walking into work.

Yup Arbys.  I had a market fresh sandwich which I thought would be a little healthier than than a cheese burger.  It did have lettuce and onion on it! But I also had curly fries and a jamocha shake (pictured).  Who can turn down a jamocha shake?  Anyone have a homemade recipe for one?

Back of my shake cup.  The way my morning started I didn't think this was going to happen, but it actually was a pretty good day!
LUNCH: I kinda snacked around 6pm for my lunch.  (Yes 6pm for lunch. That's what happens when you work the night before until 4am and go to bed at 5am).

 I had a blueberry theme - blueberry rice cakes and blueberry flavored Craisins.  I knew I needed to get my vegetables so I went to our little convenience stand in the library and came up with these veggies:

You might be saying what veggies?  Well tea is made from leaves, which could be considered a vegetable.  I'm pretty sure it's part of the salad family.  Nuts grow on plants, which could also be considered a vegetable, right?  I know that's a bit of a stretch, but you got to give me tea leaves!

DINNER: WIAW friends, I have a confession. Not only did I have Arby's today, but yesterday I had McDonalds.  A local senior class was doing a fundraiser for their senior all niter, so it was a good cause! I promise!!  But I have been feeling like crap today, so dinner needed to be healthy and I wanted to get my veggies in!

Stir Fry!!  With veggies, brown rice, chicken, sweet and sour sauce and schezuan sauce for a kick.  Usually I'd say that's enough veggies, but since we are supposed to be adding another cupof veggies per Jen's party rules, I added some peas!  I love peas.  I also had canned fruit cocktail.

TREAT: My sister just got back from Chicago and she brought us Garretts popcorn!  If you ever go to Chicago GET.THIS.POPCORN! I'm serious! It's the best popcorn ever.

Gotta get Chicago style!
And that was my eats. On an un-related note, I'm soo happy to be done with school so I didn't have to deal with the exam time stress this semester! I just deal with it by working in an academic library :)

Are you finishing up finals? How do you keep your healthy eating/exercise in tack during this crazy time of year? If you're not in school, when you have a busy week how do you manage?


  1. Your post cracked me up. I had a pretty crazy WIAW, too, complete with running around, scrambling for food, and moodiness. I will now proceed to use the phrase "haulin balls" until my boyfriend stops acknowledging me in public. So awesome.

    1. hahaha I love it! Haulin balls is a great phrase to use!! I've been out of the WIAW party for a couple weeks, but I hope yours has been less crazy!