Monday, April 23, 2012

Let's Get Some Action!

Sunday is the one day a week Mike and I set aside to see each other.  It’s a day I always look forward to.  He gets off air (Time for shameless promotion! Mike’s a radio DJ. Like his Facebook page and listen to him online Sundays 10a-3p EST) at 3p, so from 3p onward we usually try to do something fun.  Lots of times the fun thing we do is taking a nap.  He works two jobs and I’m either working full-time and in school or working one full-time job and one part time job (as I’ve been doing since January).  Trust me, with our schedule’s naps are a fun thing.

Yesterday though, even though I was tired, we were active! And I didn’t even have any coffee.  My friend, Sara would be proud =)

First we went to Fredrick Mejier Gardens.  For those who are not from West Michigan, this place is gorgeous.  It has a huge sculpture park that you can walk through.  The trails are beautiful and so are the sculptures.   The picture above is of a huge horse, that the Gardens is famous for.  That picture was from my first trip to the Gardens, a couple years ago, with Mike.

Yesterday we went to see their butterfly exhibit.  This is something else the Gardens are known for.   Each year they have a house full of a ton of butterflies.  I have never gone to it so we thought we’d go.  It was so great!  I walked around and snapped many cell phone pictures of butterflies.  Minus the elusive blue butterfly, that kept flying around to tease us, but would never stay still long enough for me to snap a photo.  Here is a slide show of some of my pictures.

After we walked through the butterfly exhibit, we still had some time before the park closed so we walked a bit through the park, including walking up and running down a huge hill – talk about some exercise!  We also fantasized about getting married there, but it is a tiny bit out of our budget. And by tiny, I of course mean a ton.

Then when we got home, we were of course starving.  We decided to go to the grocery store for food, which is not too far from Mike’s house.  Usually we would drive, even though it’s close by.  I am trying to get back into my active mindset, so I suggested that we walk there.  Mike suggested we ride bikes, which was a great suggestion since we’d get our food faster (starving, remember?) and we recently bought him a bike that is actually his size.

ACTIVity for Sunday: walking around Fredrick Meijer Gardens & bike ride to the store. WIN!


  1. Frederick Meijer Gardens is expensive for weddings? I don't recall it being so expensive when I looked into it for a project for school