Friday, December 2, 2011

26th anniversary of my birth!

Today I'm 26 years old and I'm one year closer to reaching my goal of living to be 100!  I'm spending most of my birthday at work.  Yesterday I had a delicious meal prepared by my mom and shared with my family and my boyfriend, Mike.  It was well rounded with veggies and fruits.  After opening the great gifts from my family, we had homemade chocolate cake!  It had chocolate frosting and was soo good! Definitely helped my chocolate addiction.

I look back on year 25 and I think I did pretty good living a healthy life, but I'm hoping to improve.  In year 26, I'm hoping to get on a regular exercise schedule, try cooking new healthy food, and do more research in health!  Not too mention reading more for fun, seeing my friends more and finding myself a job as a librarian, since I'll have my masters in library science soon.

Cheers to having goals!  Tomorrow is a night on the town with my friends.  I'm ready to dance off some of those cake calories!


  1. Happy belated wiaw annnnnd happy belated birthday!!!! =) 26 was a good year for me -- hope it is for you too! <3

  2. Thanks! It was my first wiaw and it was fun!