Friday, August 29, 2014

In the Groove

Anybody remember that dancing video game?  In The Groove?  It was so awesome!

What?! No I'm not a nerd!! Anyway....

I finally got in the groove this week and so far it is really kicking butt!  I finally scheduled in my workouts and guess what?  I'm actually working out! It's the best! I decided to do my workouts in the morning.  It's pretty rough because I'm not a morning person and I'm getting up at 6 am to fit my workout in, but leaving the workout for after work wasn't working - there always is too much going on; mornings are a sure bet.  However to be successful at morning workouts, it takes a little prep the night before.

7 am and just finished my workout!!!

First thing, I had to set a bed time.  Lights out at 11 pm, so I'm getting seven hours of sleep.  I know eight hours would be better, but eight hours doesn't work with my schedule, so seven it is.  The second thing, is putting all my clothes out the night before.  I put them in the bathroom so I don't disturb Mike, who is still sleeping.  Plus when I wake up, everything is ready to go, there is no reason to not workout!

Ready to go!

My workouts have been all cardio based.  In the future I'd like to add some weight lifting, but for now, this is good.  I've done mostly youtube workouts, which I will share below, in case you want to try them.  I think that every Friday I will try to check-in here with my workouts, weigh-in and measurements.  Unfortunately, some of the other blogs I read that do this I find to be a bit redundant after a while, but I think this will help keep me accountable, so here goes!

Tell me what to do TV Lady

Monday - nothing. Didn't have my plan in place yet.
Tuesday - 30 minutes of zumba (did 30 minutes of this one) & 15 minute run outside in the super heat, even at 6:45 am :)
Wednesday - 45 minutes of zumba (can't find the one I did :/ )
Thursday - 25 minutes of kickboxing & 15 minutes of zumba. Bonus - 20 minute walk on break from work.
Friday - 30 minute zumba

As you can see, I'm all over the place in the time lengths and what I'm doing.  I wanted to keep it simple so the goal is to move from when I wake up til 7am, some days that's 45 minutes, so it's only 30.  Right now as long as I'm moving, I don't care.

Weight: 0 lbs gained or lost. Same from last recorded weigh-in
Waist: 0 in. gained or lost.
Hips: 0 in. gained or lost.
Thighs: 0 in. gained or lost.

So are you working out?  How do you fit it it?

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