Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Back to Happiness

Hello all.  Recently I have been pretty upset/bummed/angry.  I haven't really been able to nail down what the issues are, but today I took a break from work, took a walk and figured some things out.

Time to walk the trail by work!

First, I have been super stressed out.  My life is busy - that's nothing new and is never going to change. I keep thinking if I had only made more to-do lists and stuck to them, I'd be feeling happier.

Realization: No, I wouldn't. I love to-do lists and will always be a list maker.  They help me get things done, but I can't structure every second of my days around a to-do list.  I need to have time to do fun things, relaxing things, and nothings.  I mean it's already JulyJULY, People!!  And I have barely did any summery type things. I have to enjoy this weather while we have it.  I don't want to waste all my summer washing dishes and folding laundry.  Bottom line is that there are always going to be things on the to-do list and I have to be okay with not getting every little thing done.

Can you spot the hawk?

Second, I have been really upset about my health weight lately. I gained weight, as you may know if you are a reader of this blog.  I have been "trying" to lose it, but I have not been very committed, which is crazy since every morning when I get dressed for work and my clothes are snug, I am immediately mad at myself and disappointing in myself for not trying harder; for not having more of this weight gone.

Realization: K.I.S.S (which equals Keep It Simple Stupid, in case you didn't know).  You may remember from my last post this complicated plan I made involving tracking my calories and working out. Forget it. Time to simplify. For now, I'm focusing on eating better-for-me foods/making smarter choices and moving each day (M-F).  Moving might be a gym workout, but it also might be a walk through nature.

From Mike's and my walk tonight. No filter needed

Which brings me to my last point. When I first seriously started this journey and shortly thereafter started this blog, I was happy and excited to be on the journey to a healthier lifestyle.  Eating good-for-me foods, exercising and researching about health topics made me happy. These days, it's depressing.  I'm not feeling inspired by the blogs I read or the life I'm living. So for now, if taking a nature walk makes me happier than going to the gym, I'm going to do it. If just eating better foods, rather than tracking my calories makes me happier, I'm going to do it. 

From my work break walk :)

I'm going to try to get back to that happiness factor. After all, what's the point of living to 100, if you're not happy?


  1. I think we all need to sit back and take a breather from our expectations and just "be". You and I are one the same with our "to do" lists, but we both know it will drive us crazy. But really...get down to the root of what makes you "you." what makes YOU truly happy...and work your way up from there.

    -Trish (Yes...that Trish.) :)

    1. This is so very true! I really do need to focus on that - what makes me truly happy....I can handle that :)

      Thanks Love!