Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Challenging Summer

This summer is already crazy busy. Mike and I have a lot of weddings to attend, not too mention that our wedding is in August. My work life is crazy because we are moving into a new building.  Plus it's summer in Michigan, which means I'm trying to spend as much time outside as possible, since we don't have many months of good weather around here.

Gorgeous sunset in Ludington, MI
When I get busy, like I am this summer, I tend to neglect myself.  This means eating healthy, working out and taking some time to myself go on the back burner while I try to get everything else in.  Life doesn't seem to be getting any less busy, so I need to learn to add my well being into my list of priorities. This summer, I have two different challenges that are going to help me do this.

First is a challenge that goes all summer long and starts this Saturday.  It's called the Super Summer Challenge and it's brought to us by Cassie from Back to Her Roots.

This challenge will require me to set goals dealing with both mind and body.  Each task gets points, harder tasks will be worth more points.  The goal is to reach 10,000 body points and 10,000 mind points.  There are a couple things I like about this challenge.  First I like that I can make my own goals.  It really allows me to tailor this to myself and therefore makes me own it more. I also like that it is not only body health, but mind health too.  I haven't outlined all my goals yet, but some of my mind goals will deal with becoming more organized and taking breaks to do things that make me happy.

Cassie is working with Krissie from Committed Coaching to help us with the Super Summer Challenge.  She did a fabulous post about setting your goals. I would highly recomned reading it, even if you don't want to be a part of this challenge.  It could really help you with changes you want to make. However, I do encourage you to join this challenge! Visit Cassie's blog to find all the details!!

Second challenge will be for the month of July. It's more of an accountability group.  It is by a friend of mine, Tom.

He creates a facebook group and we are required to post each day the workout we did.  We can follow any workout and diet program we want, even if it's something that we are just doing on our own, we just have to post every day.  Rest days, we post that it was a rest day.  In addition to that, once a week we have to send him our weigh and our measurements.  Mike and I participated in one of his groups in February.  It really got our butts moving, but when the group ended so did our motivation.

Like I posted before, with all the wedding stuff, it's been really hard to make working out and cooking healthy meals a priority. I really think these two challenges will help me change that; help me make my dreams into habit.  If you would like some motivation to live a healthier lifestyle, please feel free to join me in these challenges! The first challenge you can go to the blog to get involved.  The second challenge, get at me and I'll get you hooked up.

I'm ready for a super summer!!! How are you making yours super?!

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