Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving!! Tips to Survive [Challenge Tips #1]

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!

In my last post, I issued a challenge to maintain your weight during the holidays. I also said I'd provide some tips to help you survive.  These might be a little late, but these can also work for any holiday get together and since we have a lot of them coming up, you'll have more opportunities to use them.

Beautiful Thanksgiving Day in Michigan!

1. Take smaller portions
I don't know about you guys, but I LOVE food. I really love Thanksgiving where there is a ton of homemade food!  I have have multiple Thanksgiving Dinners to go to on Thanksgiving basically since high school.  I want to eat at all of them so I learned to take smaller portions.  What I do is I take ONE spoonful as I go around the first time.  Then if I want seconds I take a second spoonful.  This way I end up eating only one full portion.  Plus I have room at the next dinner!

2. Try to fit in a little exercise
I don't know about your family parties, but mine go like this: over eat and they sit and visit.  I love catching up with family, but after eating so much it would be nice to get some exercise in! Try going on a walk with your family, playing Kinect/Wii Moves or throwing a football around! For me, I know that wouldn't be happening with my family, so I woke up a little bit earlier today and went for a run.  Just try to get some form of exercise in today!

My own Turkey Trot- aka my Thanksgiving Day run

3. Enjoy the day!
The most important, bottom line thing about today is to enjoy it!  Took two helpings of pie instead of one? Oh well!  Didn't get in a short exercise session?  Who cares!  You want to be able to enjoy this time with your friends and family, not spend the time beating yourself, so if you do mess up, just think to yourself, "tomorrow will be better" and enjoy this time with your family and friends!  Also don't forget to count your blessings! That really puts things into perspective.

Last thing before I go stuff my face, in my last post with the challenge to maintain your weight, I asked you to email me your weight, but I mistyped my email address! It is fixed now, but also here it is:  Because of my mess up, I'll give everyone until Saturday at 11:59pm eastern standard time to send in your weight.  Please join us! Missed my post about the challenge?  Read all about it!

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