Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Beer Bread

A few weeks back I was at Mike's house and his mom said, "I feel like baking cookies - it must be fall".  At the time I thought, "Why would a season change make you want to bake?"  Now I got it.  The weather is getting colder (much to my disappointment), stores have Halloween stuff out (much to my excitement), and everything on pinterest is pumpkin, baking, soups, stews and chili.  I can see how the season change can make you want to change your cooking habits....

...Too bad I didn't get the memo on changing my clothing habits - my open toes and bare lags are freezing today!

Anywho...I was pinning my heart away on Pinterest when I stumbled across this bad boy
Honey Beer Bread!

The link took me to a blog (Thanks to the roomies from Give Me Some Oven!) that summed up my sisters and my beer stock perfectly "Every time we throw a party, it seems that leftover beer is always left as a little thank-you gift in our kitchen."  Or if Mike and I buy beer, we never seem to drink all of it and I'm not one to sit at home and drink by myself.  Which leaves me with extra beer in the fridge.  I thought I'd use a bottle of it up with this recipe.

The recipe was very easy to make and made our kitchen smell delicious.  It takes just a few minutes to mix everything up and then took an hour to bake.  The taste - well I thought it was a little salty, but I love salt so the taste was good to me.

The melted butter that gets poured on top makes the outside of the bread a little bit crusty and the inside is soft.  I'm excited it turned out since this is my first time making bread, besides banana bread.

It's delicious, warmed in the microwave with a little butter and garlic powder.  I could see this bread being a great snack while having friends over to watch football, while tailgating or as a side to a big bowl of chili.  I used Labatt Blue for this recipe, but I think in the future it might be fun to try a honey wheat variety...or what about a fruity beer?

Next on the list to use up the 3 bottles and 1 can of beer left in my fridge:  Beer Can Chicken and Vegan Beer Chili

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