Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Candy and food is a huge temptation at work

Since I have started this blog, I started being active in the blog community. I read many blogs and what I like about them is the personality that shows through them. Lately I have been struggling to accomplish what I want to with this blog, with my eating habits, my working out habits and my life in general.  I have felt like posting about it here, but thought people are going to get sick of hearing about why I am not blogging more or why I did not exercise this week.

Then I remembered that when I read blogs, I like to hear about the person.  I like to hear the good and the bad so if I like hearing it others might like it too! So let me vent about my struggles here for a bit...or for a post...

So this is what I want to be doing:
1. I have my weekly goals that I want to be meeting each week.  Walking 10,00- steps/day, eating healthier, exercising regularly.
2. Lyn from the blog Escaping Obesity set up two health challenges for her readers to kick off the New Year. One an exercise and one a healthy eating challenge, which if you see my goals they fit right in with what I want to do, so I decided I would do this. (Click on the words to read about the challenges and join in!)
3. Blogging regularly.  I love to blog and I want to learn more about health, share what I learn with you and share my journey with you as well. I like when people blog regularly, so you would probably like it if I did that for you!
4. General organization of my life. (A constant battle for me.)
5. Not too mention see my friends on a more regular basis.

I have not being doing any of this!!!  I'm so frustrated and disappointed. Why haven't I been doing it. I don't know why.  Perhaps I just got done with school and decided I just want to work my one job and then just relax for a change.  Perhaps it's all the free food and candy at work.  Perhaps I just don't have the motivation.

Whatever it is I feel like a fake, because I truely believe that in order to live a long, healthy life you have to eat right and exercise.  A few years back I figured that I would worried about eating right and exercising when I was older, or when I moved out.  Well I am moved out and I know the earlier you start the better and yet I do nothing.  How can I talk on my blog and to the people I know that we have to exercise regularly and eat healthy, but not do it myself?!

What's worse, is that I just started a second part time job.  I'm with the same company just in a librarian position which is what I just got my master's in, so this will hopefully lead to a full time job. I need to work this job, but it means I'm working 58 hours a week. If I couldn't fit healthy eating and exercising in when I worked 40 hrs and volunteered for 4 hrs a week, how am I going to do it when I'm working 58?!?!

I'm not sure what I'm going to do, but now you know what I have been going through.  I'm going to try work on fitting it in and I'm sure I'll be sharing all my stories on here.  I might have to try to get more creative...And if you have any advice, tips, ideas please please share!

*Sigh* Thanks for listening.  I feel a bit better :)

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