Monday, December 26, 2011

Goal Check

Well another week has passed and now another goal check has come.  This past week, with Christmas and everything...well I don't think I did so hot on my goals, but I started out this week, by going to the gym today so that is good!  Besides going to the gym today, I also woke up feeling a cold coming on.  I spent my morning resting, did a lite work out at the gym and have been resting most of the night as well.  In addition to that...

...I have been drinking green tea with honey in my awesome Nightmare Before Christmas mug and eating Cold-Eeze candy, so that this cold won't take over my body. Take that Cold! As my facebook status currently says, "KIIII-YAII!!!"

What was the point of this post...? Oh yes, my goal check.  Let's do that.

GOAL #1: Walk 10,000 steps a day
Sunday 12605
Monday 5396
Tuesday 10980
Wednesday I don't know where I wrote the number…
Thursday 14184
Friday 9184
Saturday 7946

Not too good, especially with Monday's number, but Thursday's is pretty amazing, so that is good.  I'll need to work harder to check my numbers throughout the day.  That way if I am low, I will hopefully be able to add in a quick walk, to boost up my numbers.

GOAL #2: Eat healthier

Okay to be fair, I should point out the bad and the good.  I did not write the food down (which I probably should), but I'm pretty sure it was mostly bad.

GOAL #3: Exercise
Is it time to start our New Year's resolutions yet? hahaha Well I'm starting this week, with getting back into a habit of working out.  Which is to say, this past week was a bust on exercising.  Mike and I made a deal that we would use his weight bench once a week.  This is a huge improvement over the zero times a week he was using it before.  So between that agreement and my determination to get into some sort of routine in exercising, I hope next week's goal check will be more impressive.

Do you have any New Year's resolutions?

Did your work-out/healthy eating survive the holidays better than mine?

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