Wednesday, November 16, 2011

More Ho-Ho-Holiday Tips!

The hot topic right now is staying healthy during the holidays.  I posted on this last week asked you guys for your tips.  Some ideas were: to walk places instead of driving, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, eating before you go to holiday parties, drinking a huge glass of water to help fill you up so you don't fill up on a whole pumpkin pie.

All of these were great ideas! Thanks for sharing!  I've been looking at a few sites on the web and found a few more helpful things for you.

First, here is some more ways to sneak in some exercise during the holidays.  These articles, from, are geared towards lowering high cholesterol, but they have some good tips on ways to incorporate exercise into your daily life.  Some of these deal with cleaning - something many of us will do a lot to get our homes ready for holiday get-togethers!  Simple Ways To Be More Active & 4 Ways to Use Your Body as a Gym

Secondly, here's a slide show on ways to stay fit during the holidays, brought to you by Oprah.

Third, here is another article by about how to keep the pounds off during the holidays.  It's by Dr. Oz and his friend, Michael F. Roizen, MD.

Fourth and last, I found this for guys, but the information is good and girls could use it too. It is tips on how to stay fit during the holidays with a focus on just exercise.  Many of the other tips I've seen focus on eating right as well.  Not only that but this article actually provides work outs for you to do! It's writeen by Ben Greenfield, who apparently is a pretty big name in the health world.  (I just discovered him).  Read the article or listen to the podcast here.

From that article, I was linked to Ben's website, where he has a Thanksgiving Survival Podcast.  If you send in your email you can hear it for free right now.  It might be worth a listen.

Good luck keeping your healthy lifestyle in check during the holidays.  I know it can be tough.  As it was stated in my last post on the holidays, if you mess up, brush yourself off and pick up your healthy lifestyle on the other side.  Remember, this is a journey and it will have ups and downs, but that is no reason to quit it!

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