Thursday, September 1, 2011

Weekly Update - late

This update is a little late, so you'll get another update from me in a few days. The information in this post refers to the week of Aug. 21-27.

GOAL #1: Walk 10,000 steps a day

Sunday : 13532
Monday: 9471
Tuesday: 8380
Wednesday: 11746
Thursday: 15869
Friday: 5953
Saturday: 9910
Three out of seven days I went over 10,000 steps. Only three days. I'm really close on the some of the other days, but three out of seven is not good enough for me, especially with Friday being as low as it was!! The stepping program through my work ends next week Wednesday, so hopefully I'll finish out strong!
GOAL #2: Eat healthier I have not keep track enough to say one way or another. I can say I did better than last week where I was eating french fries all weekend long :)
GOAL #3: Exercise
I still am not on a regular program for exercising. I even missed spin class this week! My schedule is going crazy for this week and next. I'm hoping the following week to get into a regular routine. I have pushed my volunteering to a later time during the day to allow for morning exercising. My goal is to do whatever extra stuff I can next week, but by the week of Sept 4th, I hope to regularly be exercising.

GOAL #4: No pop
I have made an amendment to this goal. I allow myself one exception for Jones Soda. Jones is a small soda company based in Canada (*sings* Oh Canada, my home and native land...okay I'm done). I collect their bottles and I am trying to get flavors I haven't had before. This is the only exception to my no pop rule. I did not have any pop this week.

I'm going to keep on truckin!

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