Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekly Update

GOAL #1: Walk 10,000 steps a day. Sunday: 7179
Monday: 8441
Tuesday: 12067
Wednesday: 10314
Thursday: 8901
Friday: 12993
Saturday: 8280

I'm very happy with this week's numbers. I just need to keep this up!

GOAL #2: Eat healthier Same as last week. I think I need to work on defining what I mean by eating healthier. What are my specific goals. I this will help me better. Maybe my homework for this week will be to create a goal for myself in this area.
GOAL #3: Exercise
Similar to last week, I did spin on Friday. On Saturday I walked/ran for 1 1/2 hours. That was a good work out. And by the way, that 1 1/2 hours walk/run is not reflected in my steps under goal #1. I would like to try to increase my exercising to at least three days a week.

GOAL #4: No pop
I don't drink much pop anyway, but I'd like to completely cut it out of my life. Why, you ask? Well answer me this, what benefit does pop have for my body? It might be good for my taste buds, but that is it! I can find healthier things for my taste buds!

I did pretty good in steps, but still have room to improve in eating and exercising! I'm still trucking along this journey. Do you have any health goals you can share with me? Maybe I'll add one to my own list!

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