Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekly Update

I'm going to try to do a weekly update about my progress in my health journey, so please enjoy this first one.

GOAL #1: Walk 10,000 steps a day.
Monday: 3557
Tuesday: 9614
Wednesday 8034
Thursday: 10659
Friday: 16374
Saturday: 13536

Over all I'm doing pretty well. Monday was pretty week, but I did really well Friday and Saturday to make up for it.

GOAL #2: Eat healthier
I have been considering keeping a food diary. I find really difficult to keep track of everything that one needs to eat, in order to meet all your daily requirements, plus getting a variety to make sure you are getting a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals that your body needs, so perhaps writing it down would help. I have not made any steps towards doing this yet.

As far as eating healthier some meals I do really well and others not so much. I will say that I ate out for lunch and dinner on Friday, which is horrible, but I feel that I made good choices. For lunch we ordered from a local restaurant and I got a turkey pesto panini. Turkey is a good lean protein. What might have been bad is the amount of turkey, cheese and pesto mayo that was on the sandwich. I also don't know if the bread was whole wheat. However, instead of getting french fries (which I love) I got a salad, with fat-free raspberry vinaigrette dressing, so I felt really happy with that choice.

For dinner I had Burger King. I know, I know fast food is the worst! However I got a veggie burger, with apple fries and chocolate milk! The only negative thing about that is the veggie burger is pretty high in sodium. Burger King has a cool interactive feature for nutrition facts. Pick out your favorite menu item, then you can add or take away toppings and pick the size and the nutritional information will adjust for that. Over the two dinning out meals, I feel that I did good with my dinning out choices!

What you will be disappointed to hear about is Saturday night. I went to the Coast Guard Festival. I'm sure I might have been able to find some delicious, healthy food if I would've taken the time to look, but the chili dog and ice cream looked sooo good. Plus we had to hurry to get a spot for the fireworks! Of course, by time I got to the elephant ear we already had our firework spot saved....hehehe Oh well. Everyone has to splurge now and then. Good things? I shared the elephant ear with my friend and I got onions on my chili dog.

It's a journey to health, every journey has some stumbling blocks. Next week will be better!

GOAL #3: Exercise
Thankfully I'm signed up for a spin class through work. Each Friday I have to go to the spin class. It's about 45 minutes long and only a begining spin class, so it's not a super hardcore work out, but at least it's something. This week the spin class was all I did. I hoping to fit in more exercise this week.

On a side note, I had my yearly check-up a week or so ago. No health problems and I weighed the same as what I did last year, so I'm maintaining my weight well :) Let me step on my soap box for a moment. Everyone, please remember to get your yearly check-up. While, it may not be the most exciting or fun thing to do, it will help insure that everything is still in good working order. And if its not, you will mostly likely catch it in time to fix it, so you will still be able to live a long healthy life!

*Hops off soap box* Well that's all for me today. I'll try to post more frequently so you aren't hanging in limbo in the meantime! Keep walking on your health journey!!

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