Tuesday, November 6, 2012

World Rockin'

There has been a few things rockin' my world lately.

1. A couple of freak days of warm weather
We had two days, two weeks ago that were warm. I'm talking like we jumped from 45 degrees to 75 degrees.  It was glorious.  I wore my Tigers Sandals and shorts! IN OCTOBER!  Mike and I raked leaves and picked out pumpkins, in shorts! IN OCTOBER!  It was just so amazing I loved it.

2. My Halloween decorations
I LOVE Halloween!! So I also like to decorate for it.  Since my sister and I rent a house, there is plenty of room to spread out my decorations :D  I would've liked to take more photos, but I ran out of time :(

You can't really tell, but the thing hanging on our door is a ticket that says "Admit One to Haunted House" : D

3. Halloween Parties!
I love to dress up!  Halloween gives me the prefect excuse and I try to wear more than one costume each year :D.  Check out this year:

Pirate and Nathan Explosion, Army Girl, and Nathan Explosion and School Girl playing Dance Central

4. My Fiance

Mike is absolutely amazing.  The past two Sundays (which is our hangout day), he took time to do my dishes for me!  I always tell him not to, because "it's boring", but he does it anyway, and on Monday when I'm trying to plow through an impossible sized to-do list, I'm always grateful that's one less thing to worry about.

Not only that, but last week Mike and I opened a joint bank account.  Crazy huh?  It seems like such a grown-up thing to have done.  Then again we are getting married so I guess we are grown-up.  We decided to get a joint bank account to start setting aside money for our wedding, and the honeymoon, and moving in together...being a grown-up is expensive!

Lastly, Mike's work schedule has settled back down to a 40-45ish hour work week as opposed to an almost 80 hour work week.  He has started back with P90x which is so awesome! I know it is really tough for him, but I think it is amazing that he is really trying it even through the pain.  GO Babe GO - I know you can do it! :D  I think I kinda rubbed off on him, because he started a blog to track his progress.

Life is not always good and lately I also been having some rough days.  Sometimes it helps to look at the good though, to put things into perspective.

What has been rockin' your world lately?

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