Sunday, July 15, 2012

Trying to get fit... an uphill battle. At least this past week it seemed to be.

I ate out almost every dinner this past week and a few lunches too.  Take a look:

Birthplaces: Bagger Dave's, Olive Garden, McDonald's, Menna's Joint, Wild Chef
If you read my post from last Saturday, you'll know I have started to track my calories.  It's been a very eye opening experience.  I don't know that I will track my calories forever, but right now it's been a great reality check and a great tool to help me see what I need to do to lose the tens pounds I have recently put back on.

Tracking calories while eating out is tough.  It's amazing how many calories these meals have. 

In some cases though, I knew where I was going to eat ahead of time.  Since I knew I was going to put my calories in MyFitnessPal, I looked at menus, ordered the lowest calorie item, because I didn't want to see my daily calorie intake sky high.  In other cases I would only eat half of my meal.  A couple days I took an extra walk at a moderate pace to burn some calories off so my meal didn't throw my daily calorie count too out of whack.

Still, almost everyday I was over my daily calorie intake.

This week, I also have been trying to start up my work out plan. My plan is to do cardio Mon., Wed., Fri. and strength training Tues. and Thurs.  Sat. might be a day to do some extra and Sun. is a rest day. This week I got my Monday & Wednesday cardio in, but no strength training and an extra run on Saturday (not too bad for my first week), but even with those, it only saved my daily calorie intake on Wednesday.

This is why I try not to eat out so much and this week is definitely not the norm for me.  But all the meals out this week, allowed me to spend a lot of quality time in good conversation with friends and that was well worth the calories ;)

Breakfast today - attempted omelet. Fail. I can never get these pans to work for me...

This week I really need buckle down on my workout schedule and I'm going to need to cut out the eating out.....right after dinner out tonight with Mike, his brother and sister-in-law.  Time to go hunt for the nutrition facts online!

Do you know if it is illegal for restaurants to not have a copy of their nutrition facts available for customers to see?  Menna's doesn't have them posted online and they didn't have a copy in the restaurant.

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  1. I like the new picture, and good luck with the working out. I'm hoping I can keep up with my own plan now that I'm done with week-long engagements.