Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What I Ate Wednesday #1

Today I am starting a new post, called What I Ate Wednesday.  This is taken from a new blog I have started reading called Peas and Crayons.  Every Wednesday...or at least most Wednesdays I'll post up what I ate for the day, so here goes.

This is kind of a weird day to start this, because I had to work from 1:30a-7:00a, so my first food of the day came at 3:00am as a snack to help me stay awake.  I had some Trader Joe's dried baby pineapple (unsweetened & unsulfured), Mom's Best Naturals Apples & Cinnamon oatmeal, and Twining's of London Cranberry Green Tea, with one packet of Natural sugar.

I had breakfast when I woke up at 2:30pm.  I had Chocolate Malt-O-Meal with some ground flaxseed that I added and a Yoplait light yogurt.  It's their new flavor - Raspberry Lemonade, so good!

I made chicken fajitas at 8:30pm, with red and orange papers, onions, black beans and lettuce.  I added some blakc berries and raspberries for my fruit and topped it off with a big glass of water.  For dessert I had a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie at my mom's house (no camera with me so it's not pictured).

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  1. Happy first WIAW! Must be hard deciding what to eat and when after a night shift :)

  2. Thanks! Yes it can be hard, especially if I'm going to bed shortly but am starving!