Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day!

Today is a day full of family/friend time, great food and hopefully a day off of work! It may be a day to cheat in our healthy lifestyle a bit and I say go for it!! Once in a while it's okay to cheat. I think that allows us to stay strong most of the other days.

I started off my day with a 5 mile walk over 7 different bridges in downtown GR. There was a bunch of people there. I walked with my parents and one of my friends. At first I didn't know if I wanted to get up for an 8am walk, but I knew it would be a great way to exercise. It turned out to be a great walk!! I got over 10,000 steps just in that walk. Then I followed that up with a breakfast consisting of two pieces of wheat toast, two pieces of bacon, 1 scrambled egg, and some potatoes with onions, which I seasoned with ketchup and salt. :) Some days you need to cheat.

To you and yours, staying with your healthy lifestyle or cheating a bit today, I hope you all enjoy your Labor Day!! And if you have any healthy foods you ate at your cookouts or an activity you did to burn off those burgers and dogs, please share it here!! I'd love to hear about it!


  1. I have been trying to shed a few lbs and for the first time in my life I can say I'm trying to do it the right way. I have tried many crazy diets in the past: two egg a day diet, oatmeal diet, veggie soup diet, or the famous pancake diet. Yeah they all sound like healthy ideas... eating one thing for several months on end and nothing else. They all worked! I lost 20lbs on the pancake diet! However in the end I always find myself on a "new" diet, so this time I decided it's time to grow up and do this the healthy way! I watched a couple of documentaries on juicing and how important it is to eat raw fruits and veggies. I must say it is much more difficult to lose weight this way. I am going on my 4th week and only lost 4lbs, which continues to vary from day to day. It's very frustrating. I can't say I feel any better physically, but I guess knowing I'm being smart and fighting what could led to future health issues makes me feel content with my decision not to start up some new and ridiculous diet that will only work temporarily! I do recommend anyone who hasn't ever tried juicing to give it a go, it tastes surprisingly good and its amazing for you health-wise!

  2. I know I have a hard time getting all my fruits and veggies in. Sometimes I'll make a smoothie to help me get some fruit, but veggies are the hardest to get. I'm going to need to look into juicing!! This might help me out.

    Thanks for posting!