Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cancer Prevention

Cancer, cancer, cancer. It seems like all the buzz is about cancer. I think this may be partially due to the fact that there is still so many unanswered questions surrounding it. People are always curious and afraid of what they don't know.

I'm one of them. In my life long goal to live to be 100, cancer is one thing that I fear could come at me out of no where and take years off my life, if not take my life completely. Throughout the various health articles and newsletters I happen to read, whenever an article about cancer comes up, I read it.

A couple weeks back was no exception. In a newsletter from Dr. Oz, there was an article about cancer super foods, something that Dr. Oz talks about pretty frequently on his show. This is something that I am increasingly interested in as well. I figure that if we can fix diseases and ills with our diet instead of meds, why not do it?! At the bottom of the article, I noticed a link to another site called, Eat to Defeat Cancer. Given the title I was intrigued enough to look.

If you know anyone who has cancer, is a cancer survivor, or if you are one of those people, I recommend taking a look at this site. There's a list of all these foods that may help prevent cancer. There's recipes and articles to read.

But what really caught my attention was this TED video. This is breakthrough stuff that I found amazing! This video is a bit long, but is completely and totally worth watching. After watching this video, if I ever found out that I had cancer, I'd be eating the foods this site recommends. I think this research could SAVE LIVES NOW! I really hope that you take the time to watch this! If I could I'd make everyone I know watch this video.

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